A object that can be modified and assigned to the Recorder object.

Assigning it automatically reconfigures the recorder with the delivered configuration.


This object belongs to the PRPC Location Recorder product module.


The table below lists properties of the Configuration object.

Parameter Description Type
enableHighAccurracy If set to "true", the recorder tries to retrieve locations with the best accuracy possible. By default it is set to "true". boolean
distanceFilter A minimum distance (in meters) that a device must travel before an update event is generated. By default it is set to 5. number
minimalLocationRetrievalInterval The time (in seconds) that must pass between two subsequent location update events. By default this value is set to 10. integer
customAttributes This object is used to pass custom configuration parameters. By default it is empty. object
workingPeriod The time (in seconds) after which the API automatically stops collecting new locations. By default this value is set to infinity. integer

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