An object used for location tracking. Each Recorder object has a unique identifier and manages its own life-cycle. The configuration of an existing recorder can be changed, even after the recorder has been started, and the location services are updated respectively. An instance of the Recorder object can be changed by a different WebView, therefore you should bind to the onStatusChanged observable event to track status changes.


This object belongs to the PRPC Location Recorder product module.


Name Description Type
identifier A requested identifier for the Recorder object. The identifier must be unique. string
status Status of an instance of the Recorder object, as described in the Status property of the LocationRecorder object. string
configuration An instance of the Configuration object. object


Name Return type Description
start promise

Starts the recorder.

stop promise

Stops the recorder that has been startes by using the start method.

pause promise

Pauses the recorder that has been started using the start method.

resume promise

Resumes the recorder that has been paused using the pause method.

invalidate promise

Invalidates the recorder. The recorder is no longer accessible from different WebViews.

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