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The Authentication Service feature enables you to override the default authentication process. Use an authentication service when you want to configure PRPC to do one of the following:

Complete two main steps when using this feature:

  1. Create an authentication service data instance that identifies activities that override the default PRPC authentication process. If your goal is to configure PRPC to use an LDAP-compliant directory server to authenticate users, use the Authentication accelerator. See About the Authentication accelerator.
  2. Insert a servlet definition element and a servlet-mapping element in the PRPC web.xml file that identifies the name of the authentication service.

When initially installed, the web.xml file contains three servlet definitions you can use for authentication service implementations: WebLDAP1 to WebLDAP3. By choosing an authentication service name that matches one of these, you can implement up to three without changing the web.xml file and without redeploying PRPC.

For information about configuring and using authentication services, see PDNAuthentication in PegaRULES Process Commander, a document available from the Integration area of the PDN.


Authentication services are instances of the Data-Admin-AuthService class. They belong to the SysAdmin category.

Associated RuleSet

When you save an Authentication Service data instance, if the Associated RuleSet is [none], the system completes this field with a RuleSet from the current application. This association assists with application packaging. You can update the associated RuleSet using the field in the upper right corner of the form. See Identifying parts of rule and data forms.

If there is no RuleSet associated with the data instance (for example, for existing instances not previously associated with a RuleSet), the Associated RuleSet displays [none].

Initial data instances Atlas — Initial Authentication Service data instances

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