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A system data instance specifies a system name and the production level of your entire PRPC system. The system name is sometimes called the system ID. Normally, All nodes in one system have a common system name.

You can choose a system name during installation; you can change the system name at any time after installation.

TipAs a best practice, choose a distinct system name for each of the systems (such as development, test, quality-assurance, or production) in your organization.

Your system may contain multiple Data-Admin-System data instances. You can't determine which one of these is current from the data instances themselves.

On the clipboard Process page, property pxProcess.pxAdminSystem.pxSystemName identifies the current system name.

Where referenced

When you create, or update a rule or a data instance, the current system name is added to the History tab. When you import a ZIP archive containing a rule or data instance, the system name on the History tab (which may be the source system on which the ZIP archive was created).

The production level affects user access to objects of specific classes, through Access of Role to Object rules.


The Data-Admin-System class contains system data instances. This class is part of the SysAdmin category.

SysAdmin category
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