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Testing method results using a transition

As an activity executes, the method referenced in each step (implemented in Java) is called and executes. Most methods update the pxMethodStatus property on the pxThread page with a status that starts with one of the values Good:, Warn:, or Fail:. These three values are prefixes to a message key that is looked up as a field value rule.

Optionally, your activities can place additional information about an error or result in the property named pxMethodStatusInfo.

As a best practice, test this status prefix against Good in those activity steps that may fail. In the When dialog, reference a when condition rule, and branch or jump to handle the failure.

You can use two standard when conditions named @baseclass.StepStatusGood and @baseclass.StepStatusFail in transitions:

To enter a transition:

  1. Select the Jump button on the step row to open the condition pop-up dialog.

  2. Enter the second key part of a when condition rule.

  3. In the If True field, indicate what processing will occur when the condition is true.

  4. In the If False field, indicate the processing to occur when the condition is false.

  5. Make sure the Enable condition after this action check box is selected, and click OK to save your edits.