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Creating connector simulators

Creating a simulation

The Connect Simulator facility enables developers to test connect rules in flows and from data pages before the actual data source is implemented, or at times when it is not available. To simulate a connector:

  1. Create an activity that sets values to the properties that are to be returned by the connector.
  2. On the Service tab of the Connector rule form, click the Simulations button to access a form.
  3. To enable simulation, select either the Global or User Session options. Complete the form and click Apply Changes.
  4. When flow execution reaches the connector shape, the activity is called.

Disabling simulations

When you no longer need to simulate the connector, you can temporarily ignore all simulators by accessing the Connect Simulator window and clicking the Clear Local or Clear Global buttons.

You can also disable or enable simulations on the Connectors landing page.

Connect Simulator Properties



Simulation Activity

Activity name (second key part) of an activity that simulates the results of the connector rule identified by the previous fields in this row.


Enables system-wide use of the simulator whenever flow execution reaches the connector shape. When enabled along with a User Session, the User Session overrides the Global simulator.

User Session

Enables the simulation to occur only in flow executions by yourself. The User Session overrides a Global simulator.


Remove the Simulation Activity.

Clear Local

Click to clear the User Session option from all Simulation Activities.

Clear Global

Click to clear the Global option from all simulation activities. (This option is not available if the  production level of the system is 5.)

Apply Changes

Click to apply changes to the connect simulator.


Click to close the Connect Simulator form.


For an example of a connector simulation, see the PDN article How to simulate a SOAP connector.

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