Configuring the color of case attachment annotations

Users of an application that you develop on Pega Platform can annotate images that are attached to cases by drawing a line. By default, the annotation color is set to magenta. You can change the annotation color, for example, to comply with the enforced color scheme.

The pyAnnotateArea case attachment annotations gadget contains a base style. You can modify the base style by using the CSS file to override the default values in the same way that you do for the Signature Capture control. After you open the application skin, the new style definition is added as a custom style sheet on the Included styles tab, in the Additional style sheets area. For more information, see Skin form - Included Styles tab.

The following example shows a custom style sheet for the attachment annotations gadget:

* Base styles for the annotate attachment gadget *
.annotateImageCanvas {

    color: #14ebff;