UI Kit

The UI Kit ruleset contains rules and skins that you can use for building or customizing user interfaces for your applications. Employing the UI Kit ruleset provides you with the latest standard user interface elements, including templates and icons. The ruleset also provides features designed to ensure responsive interfaces on mobile devices, and includes the most current, enhanced styles used by the pyEndUser skin.

To use the UI Kit ruleset in existing applications, or in applications built on a framework, add it to the Application Rulesets list on the Definition tab of the Application form.

By default, the New Application wizard adds this ruleset to new applications built on standard Pega Platform applications. Update the UI Kit ruleset with the highest available version in order to take advantage of the latest features and styles.

The UI kit is delivered as a locked rule set; customize the rules by copying them into your application ruleset. You cannot copy section rules in the UI Kit that start with pz or px. To customize these rules, use the Copy/Merge RuleSet tool ( Designer Studio > System > Refactor > Rulesets ) and copy all the rules from the UI Kit ruleset into your application ruleset. You can then check these rules out and in.