Pega Express

Pega Express is an accelerated environment that exposes key elements and features of the Pega Platform. You can log in to an application in Pega Express, or you can access this environment when you switch from Designer Studio to express mode.

Pega Express simplifies the development experience by providing quick and easy ways to:
  • Learn concepts and features at your own pace.

  • Iterate on the designs of your case types.

  • Define, manage, and integrate data.

  • Make changes in context at run time or design time.

  • Manage users and roles.

  • Configure application settings, such as the current theme.

Cloud experience

Trial versions of Pega Express are available on the cloud for prospective customers. In this sandbox environment, a sample application is provided that has one case type defined and a configured dashboard. Users are encouraged to take guided tours, accomplish tasks to achieve badges, and invite other users to collaborate on their designs and implementations.

A PDN account is required when signing up for a trial version. Users must have a license for the Pega Platform before they can access the advanced features that are available in Designer Studio.

For more information, contact your local sales representative.

On-premises experience

For on-premises users, access to Pega Express is controlled by the list of portals that are defined on the Access Group form. By default, users with the Developer portal can switch between Designer Studio and express mode. The New Application wizard manages the list of portals for automatically created users so that they access the correct environment when they log in.

When working in express mode on-premises, there are no default case types and the user's application dashboard is empty but can be configured. All features, including the ability to invite other users, are the same as in the cloud.