Managing participants

On the Application Overview landing page, you can view and manage the participants involved in your application development project. You define participants and their roles to help identify the resources needed to implement a project.

  1. In the Designer Studio header, click the name of your current application, and click Overview to open the Application Overview landing page.
  2. In the Technical details section, click Participants to view the participants that are defined for your project.
  3. Click Edit to add, edit, or delete participants.
  4. Click the Plus sign icon to add a participant, and provide the following information:
    • Role – The project role of the participant.
    • Type – The organization to which the participant belongs.
    • FTE – The number of full-time equivalents with the designated role that are working on the application.
    • Enablement plan – The training courses that the participant requires to effectively perform in the designated role.
    • Responsibility – The responsibilities for the designated role.
  5. Click Submit.