Components landing page

You can use the Components landing page to help you create and manage report-related facilities. You access this landing page from the Designer Studio menu by clicking Reporting > Components.

The Components landing page provides the following tabs:

  • Associations – Lists all of the available association rules. Association rules define a relationship between two classes based on matching values in pairs of properties. An association rule can let your application automatically add a join to a report that displays properties from both classes referenced in the association.
  • Categories – Lists information about all available report categories. Category rules define categories that can help users organize reports in the Report Browser.
  • Shortcuts – Lists information about all available report shortcuts. A report shortcut is a named link in the Report Browser that provides an efficient way to retrieve, run, and share reports. You can use report shortcuts to organize reports into one or more categories. Multiple report shortcuts can link to the same report.
  • SQL Functions – Lists information about all available SQL function alias rules. SQL function alias rules define SQL expressions that can be used in the database queries that a report definition generates.
  • Scheduled Tasks – Lists the scheduled reporting tasks for the application. The information provided about each task includes when the task last ran and its status, and when the task is scheduled to run next.