Case instantiation

Case instantiation is the act of creating a case. By providing different methods for creating cases in your application, you do not need to wait for an available case worker or case manager to start processing a case.

You configure the different methods for case instantiation when you update the settings for a case type. The options that are available for you to configure are based on the position of the case type in the case-type hierarchy.

The following types of case instantiation are supported:

  • Manual - Cases are explicitly created by a case worker or case manager.

  • Dependency - Child cases are created when your application determines that a set of conditions, such as a quality threshold, are met.

  • Parent-child - Child cases are created when a parent case is created.

  • Email - Cases are created each time an email is sent to an email account that is associated with a case type.

    This approach is helpful when you need a way to create cases remotely.