Adding functionality to a case type

You can add functionality to a case type by configuring different types of settings. By enhancing the default behavior of a case type, you can choose which business requirements to implement in your application.

Use the following optional techniques to add functionality to a case type:

  1. Configure one or more of the following methods of case instantiation:

  2. Create goals and deadlines to enforce your service-level agreements.

  3. Validate user input and restrict access to case information.

  4. Enable notifications.

  5. Set the status of a case for specific stages or steps in the life cycle.

  6. Define the stakeholders who participate in case processing.

  7. Share data between parent and child cases.

  8. Enable offline support.

  9. Generate code to support interactions with external applications.

  10. Customize the audit trail of a case.

  11. Change the icon that identifies instances of your case type.

  12. Find duplicate cases.