Creating cases in bulk

You can create multiple cases at once by using the Bulk actions form. Create cases in bulk to define case details, such as labels and work statuses, in one step without manually interacting with individual forms.

Note: To define more case details during bulk creation, customize the pyBulkCreate section by adding relevant properties to the grid.

To create cases in bulk:

  1. Ensure that your access group is associated with a role that grants you the Work-.PerformBulk privilege.

  2. In the Case Manager or Case Worker portal, select Bulk actions from the operator menu.

  3. Click Create.

  4. In the Case Type list, select the name of a top-level case type.

    Bulk creation is not supported for child case types.

  5. Click + Add Case and enter values in the fields that are displayed.

    The default fields include:

    • Label — The name of the case that is visible in worklists and forms.

      Labels are stored in the Work-.pyLabel property.

    • Description — The purpose of the case.

      Descriptions are stored in the Work-.pyDescription property.

    • Status — An initial indication of the progress that a case has made towards resolution.

      Statuses are stored in the Work-.pyStatusWork property and are automatically updated as case workers process a case.

  6. Repeat step 5 for each case to create.

  7. Click Create Cases.

Cases are created based on the values that you provide and a status is displayed in the Processing Results column of the case list.