Team management

Team management is a method for organizing users into groups so that you can distribute the workload of cases in your application. By creating teams with different skill sets and reporting structures, you can automate the way that assignments in a case are routed, escalated, or approved.

You can use the Case Manager portal to create and manage your teams.

Roles and work queues

Each team consists of one manager and several members. The team manager supervises the work of the team, and can assign, transfer, or work on assignments in a case. Although team members can have different titles, these do not affect the way that work is assigned.

When you add users to a team, they can work on assignments from a personal worklist or a shared work queue. The team manager can update the roles of team members and create additional work queues as needed. When your application routes an assignment, it takes into consideration the profiles and availability dates of each team member.