Get Next Work function

Each time a user completes an assignment, your application can select and provide another assignment for that user to work on next. By choosing the best, most appropriate assignment to work on next, your application can promote user productivity, timeliness of processing, and customer satisfaction.

If your application does not provide automated support for this capability, a user can choose an assignment to work on next that does not contribute as directly to organizational objectives. While every assignment needs to be completed eventually, the order that users process work is an important factor in the management of service operations.

A set of facilities can match users to open assignments. These facilities consider user authority, skills, and urgency of the work item. Much of the sorting and selection occurs through efficient SQL operations on the PegaRULES database.

Note: You can upgrade Get Next Work processing if you have assignments created in earlier releases of the Pega Platform. For more information, see Upgrading Get Next Work performance.