Configuring operator provisioning for a SAML SSO authentication service

When an operator who is not defined in Pega Platform logs in for the first time, Pega Platform can automatically create the operator record with values from the service provider. To do this, you configure operator provisioning for the authentication service. This configuration eliminates the manual step of adding the operator record.

Note: If the operator record is already defined in Pega Platform, you can update it with values from the authentication provider by creating a postauthentication activity.
  1. Open the authentication service and on the SAML 2.0 tab, navigate to the Operator identification section.
  2. Select Enable operator provisioning using model operator.
  3. To create an operator by copying a specific model, click By name and enter a value for Model operator.
    This is the operator ID for an operator record.
  4. To identify the model operator by using an expression, click the Build an expression icon and create an expression that returns the operator ID to be copied.
  5. To identify the model operator by using organizational information, select By organization hierarchy and enter values for Org (organization), Div (division), and Unit. You can also provide an expression for each of these fields.
    The Model User value in the Unit instance provides the model operator for provisioning the new operator.
  6. Click Save.
Overriding the service provider settings for a SAML SSO authentication service