More about Email Listener data instances

When and where listeners start

Three settings affect how email listener requestors run. If a listener is not behaving as expected, examine the following:

  • Startup option – The Properties tab contains the property that controls how the listener starts. If the Node Based Startup option is selected, ensure that the desired node is added to the list. If Host Based startup is selected, ensure that the desired host is added to the list.
  • initServices/initEmail – At start-up, Pega Platform starts execution of an email listener at startup only if the prconfig.xml file or Dynamic System Settings parameter initServices/initEmail is set to true. If you notice that your email listeners do not route messages, examine the prconfig.xml file or Dynamic System Setting to determine if the value is “false.”
  • Blocked – If the Blocked option on the Properties tab of the listener is selected, the listener is disabled. Listeners with this setting do not start when the Pega Platform nodes start and you cannot start them from the System Management application (Listener Management page).

Listener restart after service rule changes

Any change to the Service Email rule on the Service, Request, or Response tab requires that you restart the listener from the System Management Application (SMA). If you do not restart the listener, the changes do not take effect.

About Email Listener data instances