JCA Resource Adapter form – Completing the Connection tab

Complete the Connection tab to identify the resource adapter's Connection Factory and to provide information about how the resource adapter connects to the back-end enterprise information system (EIS).

Field Description
Managed Environment  
Connection Factory JNDI Name If the resource adapter and your system are deployed in the same Java EE application server, enter the JNDI name of the adapter's Connection Factory.
Non-Managed Environment  
Managed Connection Factory Implementation Class If the resource adapter and your system are installed in a non-Java EE Web application server (Apache Tomcat, for example), enter the name of the Java class that implements the ManagedConnectionFactory interface.
Managed Connection Factory Standard Properties Which of the following fields require values depends on the resource adapter and the EIS it connects to.
Server Name Enter the name of the server hosting the EIS.
Port Number Enter the port number for obtaining a connection on the EIS host server.
User Name Enter the name of a user or role that establishes the connection with the EIS. This is a generic or administrative user.
Password Enter a password for the EIS user specified in the User Name field.
Connection URL Enter the URL of the EIS.
Managed Connection Factory Custom Properties If the Connection Factory requires client-specific property values, use this section to specify the required property/value pairs.
none Click the none button. Enter the name of the property in the pop-up window and click Save. Then enter a value for the property.