About JMS Producer Model data instances

A JMS Producer Model data instance holds messaging settings for JMS connector rules. A single JMS producer model instance may be referenced by more than one JMS connector rule.

The following tabs are available on this form:


Select Designer Studio > Integration > Resources and select JMS Producer Listeners to access the JMS Producer Models in your system. Or, you can use the Records Explorer to review or create JMS Producer Models.


The Data-Admin-Connect-JMSProducerModel class contains JMS Producer Model data instances. This class is part of the Integration-Resources category.

Associated ruleset

When you save a JMS Producer Model data instance, if the Associated RuleSet is [none], the system completes this field with a RuleSet from the current application. This association assists with application packaging. You can update the associated RuleSet using the field in the upper right corner of the form. See Identifying parts of rule and data forms.

If there is no RuleSet associated with the data instance (for example, for existing instances not previously associated with a RuleSet), the Associated RuleSet displays [none].