Keys tab on the Class Group form

Complete this tab to specify the key of this class group. Enter a row for each property that forms the key. If you leave this tab blank, the system uses the key properties defined in the corresponding class rule.

Field Description
Key Definition List For each instance of each concrete class associated with this class group, the system assembles a unique key by concatenating property values. Order is significant.

To reorder the rows of this array, hold the mouse pointer over a number. Click and drag to another row. To duplicate or move a row, hold the mouse pointer over a number. Or, right-click to access a menu with Cut, Copy, and Insert options.

Key Name Optional. Identify a property that is a key part for all instances of this class group. For class groups corresponding to a class derived from the Work- base class, enter the pyID property.
Key Caption Optional. Enter text that describes this key part. The text you enter does not appear elsewhere.