Interface Generator form – Understanding the Definition tab

This tab identifies an input file for the interface generation, and the type of conversion to be performed, and the rules generated.

Field Description
Generation Base Class The existing abstract class (typically derived from Data- or Work- ) that will be the parent of all the generated classes.
Target RuleSet Name The RuleSet that contains the generated rules.
Target RuleSet Version The full version of the RuleSet that contains the generated rules.
  The system creates a log in this text area identifying the classes, properties, data transforms, activities, and other rules created. Note any error messages.
Cleanup Click to delete all the generated rules and data objects listed in the Results text box.

Before using this feature, make sure the RuleSet version containing the rules is not secured. Only the original rules that were generated by the wizard are deleted. Rules that you copied or added are not deleted.

Delete duplicates? If you run the accelerator more than once with the same base class and metadata source, the accelerator does not overwrite rules that have duplicate names. Select this option before clicking Cleanup if you want the original (duplicate) rules deleted in addition to the ones listed here.