Creating a division

  1. In the header of Designer Studio, click + Create > Organization > Division.
  2. In the Organization Name field, specify the name of an existing organization data instance, a key to an Organization instance.
  3. In the Division Name field, enter the name of this division, for example, Finance. Begin the name with a letter and use only letters, numbers, the ampersand character, and hyphens. Division identifiers are limited to 32 characters.
    As a best practice, limit the division name to no more than eight characters in length. When you use the Application Express, the division name becomes one segment of several class names.
  4. Click Create and open.
  5. Optional: Identify an access group to be available to users in this organization. As a user or other requestor belonging to this division signs on, the system adds the RuleSets and versions in the application rules of that access group to the user's RuleSet list.
    1. In the Defined by list, select an Application-based Access Group.
      The selection an Explicit RuleSet list remains available for Division data instances created in Version 4 systems. However, this approach is deprecated for new development.
    2. In the Access Group Name field, identify one or more access groups that contains one or more access roles. Mark one access group as the initial default by selecting a radio button. In specific, unusual situations, this access group is used at sign-on, for Operator IDs where no access group is present on the Access tab. (This can occur only for operators created in version 6.1SP1 or earlier.)
  6. Optional: Determine to whom an assignment is routed or an email is addressed.
    1. In the Cost Center field, enter the cost center for the division. This field is not referenced by any standard rules but appears in the organization chart.
    2. In the Cost Center Manager field, enter the Operator ID of a user of the application who can receive assignments or email. This field is not referenced by standard rules but appears in the organization chart.
  7. Click Save.
If the Associated RuleSet is [none], the associated RuleSet is set to the RuleSet from the current application of the logged-in user. This association assists with application packaging. You can update the associated RuleSet by using the field in the top left of the form.