Configuring an activity to process a JSON Web Token

To process a JSON Web Token that was created outside of Pega Platform, you need to call the pxProcessJWT activity. The activity can then process the token.

  1. In the Designer Studio search field, enter pxProcessJWT, and press Enter.
  2. Double-click the activity to configure it.
  3. On the Parameters tab, click Private edit to configure the following parameters:
    • profileName - Enter the token profile name that you created.
    • jwtPageName - Enter the JWT clipboard page name.
    • inputPagaName - Enter the page name that contains input data used in a custom claim.
    • payloadPageName - Enter the page name from which you want to map properties.
    • payloadCustomKeyName - Enter the node name where the data is generated. The default name is pyData.
    • excludedPropertiesJWTList - Enter a comma-separated list of properties to exclude from the node.
    • outputPegaName - Enter the generated JWT.
  4. Click Save.