Initial Email Account instances (Data-EmailAccount)

When installed, Pega Platform includes two standard email account instances:

  • Default.Notify
  • AutomatedUnitTesting.Notify

The system uses the AutomatedUnitTesting.Notify email account instance to send completion emails from unit test suite runs. See About Unit Test Suites and About Automated Unit Testing.

The system's correspondence feature is supported by a set of standard activities and rules. The activity Work-.getEmailSenderInfo looks for an email account with a Name key part that matches the class group of the work item and the Type key part of Notify. If the activity does not find a Data-EmailAccount data instance with this key, it uses the email account named Default.Notify instead.

Use the Email Wizard to configure these standard accounts so that they identify appropriate email accounts for flow processing and unit test suite processing to use for outbound email. If different applications need to use distinct email accounts, use the name of the application's class group as the name of the email account so the standard activities find the email account data instances.

Do not delete the Default.Notify email account or the AutomatedUnitTesting.Notify account.