About Registry Java Property Transform data instances

Instances of this data class support the Connector and Metadata wizard when this tool generates class rules and properties from a Java class.

The following tabs are available on this form:

By default, the wizard implements properties that are themselves Java classes as embedded page properties. However, sometimes a Java class property is appropriately implemented as a Single Value property. For example, java.util.Date is best interpreted as a Single Value property, not as a page.

A Java Property Transform data instance identifies a Java class that specifies how to transform a Java class property into a Pega Platform property. The Java transform class does two things:

  • Specifies the property type of a Java class to be implemented when the wizard creates the class rules and properties.
  • Specifies how the generated Java wrapper classes obtain a single value from instances of the Java class and how they set single values to the instances of the Java class.

Before you create a Java Property Transform data instance, code the Java transform class. For an example, see the transform class specified for the java.util.Date data instance.

For more information about using Connector and Metadata wizard and the Java pages feature, see the PDN article Working with the Java Pages Feature.


Use the Application Explorer to list, open, or create instances of this data class.


The Data-Registry-Java-PropertyTransform class holds Registry Java Property Transform data instances.