Rule availability

You can set the availability of a rule to control how it is selected, or rule resolved, at run time.

Note: You cannot change the availability of some rule types, such as classes and rulesets, which are always available to users.

The following availability values are supported:

  • Available - The rule is considered during rule resolution.
  • Not Available - The rule is excluded from rule resolution, and validation logic is disabled so that you can continue to edit the rule form even if there are errors.
  • Blocked - The rule is considered during rule resolution but stops processing and returns an error to the user if it is selected.
  • Final - The rule is considered during rule resolution but users cannot extend the rule by copying it to a different ruleset, unless it is a higher version of the current ruleset. Final rules typically support extension points so that you can customize their functionality without creating new rule versions.
  • Withdrawn - The rule, and all instances with the same name in previous versions of the same major-version ruleset are excluded from rule resolution. At run time, rules with the same name in higher version ruleset are considered during rule resolution.