Viewing data type details

You can view data type details by using the Data Explorer and the Data Designer.

  1. In the Explorer panel, click Data types to display the Data Explorer.
  2. By default, the Data Explorer shows all data types for your current application. Select the data type you want to view to open it in the Data Designer.
  3. In the Data Designer, you can filter the list of data types by application by clicking Filter at the top right of the screen and selecting Application.
  4. Select the applications whose data types you want to view and click Apply
  5. Select Show inherited on the filter list to display inherited data types.
  6. You can view data pages associated with a data type:
    1. Expand the data type tree by clicking the down arrow to the left of the data type in the Data Explorer to list the data pages associated with the data type.
    2. Click a data page to display it in the right panel.
    3. To view undefined data pages, that is, pages that were not created as an instance of a data page, but directly by an activity or another process, click the Usage tab on the Data Designer and click the page name in the list of undefined pages.