Comparison operators

This table shows the valid combinations of types for comparison operators. To understand the calculation of the expression A > B, find the intersection of the row for A's type and the column for B's type. Consult the numbered notes for the details of casting or conversion.

Note: The operator ~= evaluates using equalsIgnoreCase().
  DateTime Date Time of Day Integer Decimal Double True or False Other (text)
DateTime 1 3 X 3 3 3 X X
Date 3 1 X 3 3 3 X X
Time of Day X X 1 X 3 3 X X
Integer 3 3 X 2 2 2 X X
Decimal 3 3 3 2 2 2 X X
Double 3 3 3 2 2 2 X X
True or False X X X X X X 4 X
Other (text) X X X X X X X 5


X A casting, promotion, or conversion is not supported. Pega Platform reports an error.
1 Permitted. Depending upon complexity of expression and intermediate conversions that may have occurred, use either the original ClipboardProperty String form or Java BigDecimal.
2 Permitted. Converts Integer > Double > Decimal until both operands have same type, then performs operation. (Convert directly to target type without performing additional intermediate conversions.)
3 Permitted. Converts to the preferred Java type (and if necessary, promote as described in note 2) and performs the operation.
4 Permitted. Converts to Java boolean and performs the operation.

Permitted. Evaluate using String.compareTo()

Note: This is not locale-sensitive.