Bookmarking a rule

You can use favorites to bookmark a rule so that you can quickly find it later. You can create favorites that are visible to your operator exclusively, another operator, or all operators within a specified access group.


  • The rule you are adding as a favorite is not a checkout.

  • You have opened the correct version of the rule to add as a favorite.

    For example, a rule can have a base version and 50 circumstanced versions, one for each state in the United States. You can add the Vermont instance as a favorite to Doug Smith and the California instance as a favorite to Belle Cruise, respectively.

  1. In the Actions menu of the rule form header, click Add to Favorites.

  2. Enter text in the Label field that distinguishes this favorite from other delegated rules.

    The value you specify appears in the Favorite Explorer and the operator menu in Designer Studio.

  3. Use the Add to drop-down list to indicate who can access this favorite.

    Options include:

    • My Personal: Visible to your operator only.

    • My Access Group: Visible to all operators in your current access group.

    • Other Access Groups: Visible to operators in the access group you specify.

    • Other User Personal: Visible to the specified operator ID only.

  4. Select an option to indicate how the system finds this favorite.

    These radio buttons appear when a rule supports multiple versions:

    • Open the highest version: Rule resolution is used to find and open the delegated rule.

    • Always open this version: The exact version used to create the favorite is opened, even if other instances exist in a higher ruleset version or class.

  5. Click Submit.

Note: While you can no longer delegate rules by using favorites, you can use the pyCMDelegatedRules harness in the Case Manager portal to view rules that were previously delegated using the Add to favorites action.