Viewing and justifying warnings

When you save a form and the system detects one or more warning conditions, warnings are displayed in a condensed format in the form header.

Warning conditions identify unexpected and possible unintended situations, practices not recommended, or variances from best practices and guardrails. They do not prevent the record from saving. The warning conditions are listed in the rule form in order of severity (Severe, Moderate, Caution) so that the most severe ones are displayed first.

If there are justified warning conditions, the warnings section displays how many are justified. The justification comment entered by the user who justified the warning is displayed after the warning. The user who justified the warning and the date when the comment was entered also displays.

To justify warnings, you must have the need the pxAllWarningJustification privilege, which is provided by the standard PegaRULES:SysAdm4 access role.

  1. Click the review/edit link to see details, warning type, and severity.
  2. If the record is checked out, justify the warning by clicking the Add Justification link, entering a justification in the field, and clicking OK.