Changing rule status and availability

The Rule-.pyMethodStatus property indicates how a rule is used in the system. You can change a rule's status, as well as its availability, in the rule form header.

  1. Open the rule and click the rule status (if available) in the header or its availability.
  2. Select the rule availability from the Availability list.
    • Available
    • Not available
    • Blocked
    • Final
    • Withdrawn
  3. From the Status list, select one of the following options.
    • API

      You must also specify an interface name.

    • Deprecated

      You must also enter deprecation information in the Usage tab.

    • Extension
    • Template
    • Blank status: Select the blank entry (do not select a status) if there are no special use cases for a rule.
  4. The Base Rule check box appears if rules of this rule type can be circumstance-qualified or time-qualified, but this rule itself is not qualified. For rules you have created in this system, leave this check box cleared in most cases.
    • For rules created in PRPC Version 5.2 and later, the check box is cleared by default, to encourage recommended practices.
    • For rules created in PRPC Version 5.1 or earlier, the check box is selected by default, to preserve past behavior.
      Note: Select the Base Rule check box if this rule is (or might later become) a base rule for one or more other, qualified rules and you want to enforce a restriction on the ruleset versions that was the normal behavior in PRPC Version 5.1 and earlier. When selected, this rule is a base rule only for circumstance rules that match this rule's ruleset version. That is, circumstance rules in lower versions are not ever selected by rule resolution.
  5. Click Save.