Generating a test coverage report

You can generate a test coverage report to identify which executable rules in your application are covered and not covered by tests.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Application > Rule coverage.
  2. Click Start coverage.
  3. Optional: If you want data from the report to display on the Application quality dashboard, select the Reflect coverage metrics on refresh of application quality dashboard check box.
  4. Click Start.
  5. To provide data for the report, execute all of the tests that are available for your application, for example, PegaUnit automated tests and manual tests.
    Note: If you close the tab or log out without pressing Stop, the report will not be generated.
  6. Click Stop and then click Yes.
  7. To view a list of rules that are covered by tests, click a number in the Covered column.
  8. To view a list of rules that are not covered by tests, click the number in the Uncovered column.
  9. Optional: To see whether coverage reports were generated by other users, click Refresh.