Test environment cleanup

After you run a PegaUnit test case or test suite, data pages used to set up the test environment are automatically removed. You can also apply additional data transforms or activities to remove other pages or information on the clipboard before you run more tests. Cleaning up the clipboard ensures that data pages or properties on the clipboard do not interfere with subsequent tests.

For example, when you run a test case, you can use a data transform to set the values of the pyWorkPage with the AvailableDate, ProductID, and ProductName properties.

You can use a data transform to clear these properties from the pyWorkPage. Clearing these values ensures that, if setup data changes on subsequent test runs, the test uses the latest information. For example, if you change the value of the AvailabeDate property to May 2016, you ensure that the data page uses that value, not the older (December 2016) information.