Proposition types

You can create the following types of propositions:

  • Versioned - These propositions are part of the decision data rule instance managing propositions for a given group. You can view versioned propositions in the Hierarchy tab. They are also referred to as decision data records.

  • Unversioned - These propositions are data instances of the group data class. You can view unversioned propositions in the Proposition data tab.

When you create a group in a particular business issue, you can save the group as a decision data rule or decision parameter. The option you select determines if the group can contain versioned or unversioned propositions.

Proposition management can operate exclusively in the versioned mode if you set the PropositionManagement/isOnlyVersionedProposition Dynamic System Setting to true. By default, it is false and allows you can perform proposition management in both modes, versioned, and unversioned.