Binning options for predictors

A predictor is a field that has a predictive relationship with the outcome (the field whose behavior you want to predict). Predictors contain information about the cases whose values might show an association with the behavior you are trying to predict. There are two types of predictors: numeric and symbolic. Numeric predictors are for example customer's age, income, expenditures. Symbolic predictors are for example customer's gender, martial status, home address.

You can tweak the treatment of predictors or allow the Analytics Center portal to generate a default treatment.

Binning options for numeric predictors

Binning of numeric predictors allows you to group cases into bins of equal volume or width.

For example, your cases are customers that you want to group according to their age in bins of equal width. You can create bins for customers aged 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and so on. Each bin contains a number of customers from the specific age group. When you decide to group the customers into bins of equal volume, you can create a certain number of bins and the Analytics Center portal divides the cases equally among the bins.