Analytics Center portal

The Analytics Center portal ( pyDecisionAnalytics ) gives access to predictive analytics and text analytics capabilities of Pega Platform from Designer Studio. Starting the portal opens a work area where a data scientist can control the full life cycle of predictive, adaptive and text analytics models. It also contains access to the related resources, like taxonomies and sentiment lexicons.

In this portal, data scientists can create, update, and monitor machine learning models. These models are used to predict customer behavior and analyze unstructured text. The creation of the models is done through a guided machine learning process that allows the data scientist to build powerful and robust models in an effortless way. The resulting models can be used in decision strategies or data flows.

A system architect configures access to the portal and can optionally set a default Apply-to-class for data scientists as a recommended class to save in their models.

In the Analytics Center portal, you can: