Uploading data for training and testing of the topic detection model

In the Source selection step, select the input for training and testing data that is required to create a model.

  1. Click Choose file.
  2. Select a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file with sample records for training and testing the model in your directory. That file must contain sample records with the assigned categories.
  3. Optional: To view the required structure of the input file as well as sample records, click Download template section.
  4. Enable checking spelling by performing the following actions:
    1. Select Use spell checking.
    2. To increase the accuracy of the model by correcting any spelling errors, expand the Select spell checker list and select a Spelling Checker Decision Data rule, if available.
      Enabling checking spelling can significantly increase the model training time, depending on the size of the training sample. Enabling checking spelling also has an impact on real-time performance of the model.
  5. Click Next.