Creating a regression model

Create a model that works well on very linear data.

  1. In the Model creation step, click New Regression Model.

  2. In the Regression model dialog box, select predictors.

    • Click Use best of each group to select the best predictors in a group.

    • Click Use all predictors to select all the predictors.

    • Select or clear the check boxes in the Use column to select predictors.

  3. Click Create model.

  4. Click the Formula tab to review the model in the form of the coefficients of the regression formula.
  5. Click the Scorecard tab to review the model as a scorecard. When viewing as a scorecard, use the Align Scores check box to realign the coefficients to range between 0 and 1000, instead of the default range between 0 to 1.
  6. Click the Sensitivity tab to review model sensitivity.
  7. Click the Scorcard SQL tab and select a database type to generate an SQL query.
  8. Click Create model.

  9. Click Save model.

  10. Click Submit.