Grouping predictors

You group predictors in the Model development step to prepare reliable models. The process of model development has three default models: regression, decision tree, and bivariate. A common setting that applies to all types of models is the selection of the predictors.

If the behavior of two predictors is similar, these predictors might offer essentially the same information. This measure of similarity or correlation is used to group predictors, allowing you to clear the weak predictors and duplicate predictors to control the overall size of the model.

Note: Predictors with an Area Under the Curve (AUC) of less than 51.00 are weak and not reliable.

To group predictors, you can:

  • Click Use best of each group to select the best predictors in each group.
  • Click Use all predictors to select all predictors.
  • Select or clear the check boxes in the Use predictor column to override the use of predictors. The Predictors column displays the name of the predictor.
  • Change sequencing between performance-oriented and aspect-oriented.