Configuration settings for nodes

Configuration settings for Pega Platform nodes

Use configuration settings for Pega Platform nodes to specify directories for D-Node resources and select services that should be enabled when you start the Pega Platform. Apply these settings through the prconfig.xml file. If applicable, you need to configure these settings individually for every node in the cluster.

  • dsm/services - A comma separated list of values that configures the services operating in the Pega 7 node. The possible values are DDS, DataFlow, ADM, and VBD.
  • dnode/yaml/commitlog_directory - The directory where the D-Node commit log is stored. By default, it is <workfolder>/<clustername>/commitlog.
  • dnode/yaml/data_file_directories - The directory location where SSTables are stored. By default, it is <workfolder>/<clustername>/data.
  • dnode/yaml/internode_compression - By default, the traffic between D-Nodes is compressed. You need to turn off compression for PPC64 architecture CPUs or old Linux distributions where the Snappy compression library is unavailable.