Change Request case type

By default, the Change Request case type is the subcase that is created in the first stage of the Revision case type life cycle.

The Change Request case type defines the way that change requests are created, submitted, and resolved. You can modify the stages, steps, processes, or assignments that are part of the Change Request case type to make it simpler or more complex, depending on the business needs.

The primary path in the Change Request case type is represented by the following stages:

Stage Step Status Purpose
Create Define Changes Final Provide change request details.
  Create Change Request Final Create a change request through the designated activity.
Open View Change Request Available Review the change request. Optionally, update change request details or withdraw it.
Submit Submit Changes Final Submit the change request for review and approval.
  Approval Required? Available Decide whether approval is required.
Approve Approve Changes Available View the list of rules for approval.
Reassign Reassign CR Final View the rules in the change request to assign back to the originator.

The situations in which you cancel, withdraw, or reject change requests are represented by the following alternate stages:

Stage Step Status Purpose
Withdraw Withdraw Changes Final Withdraw a change request in-progress.
Reject Reject Changes Final Reject the change request after it has been reviewed.