Migrating adaptive model schema

You need to migrate adaptive models that were created using Pega 7.1.7 or earlier, because of changes to the ADM database schema. Use the adaptive model migration wizard to copy and convert models that are stored in an ADM server other than the one that is connected to the Pega Platform. Perform an initial analysis of the models that you want to migrate and convert because the migration process wizard overwrites the models in the target ADM server.

Before you begin, you need to have the host name and port of the ADM server from which you want to migrate models.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Decisioning > Migration > Adaptive Model Schema Migration .

  2. In the Adaptive Model Schema Migration landing page, click Start migration.

  3. In the Connection details step, provide the host name and port of the source ADM server.

  4. In the Migrate data to section, verify the target ADM server. The server is automatically inferred from the ADM connection configuration.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the Review and migrate step, check the list of adaptive models to be migrated.

  7. Select the option to overwrite the models that already exist in the target ADM server.
  8. Click Migrate.

    Depending on the number of models that you want to migrate, the process can take a couple of minutes.

  9. When the migration is complete, click Next.

  10. In the Migration Report step, check the results of running the wizard and conversion process.

    The final report shows the number of models that were migrated, overridden, or failed the migration process.