Returning a list of properties

Use the Call instruction with the Rule-Decision-Strategy.pyGetStrategyProperties activity to obtain the list of properties that are used by components in the strategy. Duplicate values are ignored.

  1. Create an instance of the Activity rule by clicking Records Explorer > Technical > Activity .

  2. In the activity steps, enter the Call Rule-Decision-Strategy.pyGetStrategyProperties method.

  3. Click the arrow to the left of the Method field to expand the method and specify its parameters:

    • Name of the strategy component from which you want to get the list of properties

      If you provide the name of this component, the method returns its properties and the properties of other components that are required in its execution path. If this parameter is not defined, the method returns all properties used in strategy components.

    • Name of the strategy

    • Name of the page to hold the list of properties

    • Strategy class

    • Option to exclude substrategies that are referenced from the strategy. By default, all strategies in the decision path are considered.

  4. Click Save.