Adding an unversioned proposition

Follow these steps to create propositions that are stored in the system as data instances. In Pega Decision Management, a proposition is anything that can be offered to a customer. This can include things like advertisements, products, offer bundles, or service actions. Whatever is presented to the customer as the Next-Best-Action is called a proposition.

To add a proposition, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Designer Studio > Decisioning > Decisions > Proposition Management > Hierarchy.

  2. Click New.
  3. In the New Proposition modal dialog box, enter the proposition name, description, business issue, and group.
  4. For the Active property, select the radio button that defines the proposition validity:
    • Always - Makes the proposition permanently active.
    • Never - Makes the proposition inactive (that is, disabled).
    • Within a defined time period - Makes the proposition active within a particular time frame. Specify the Start Date and End Date properties. The type of these properties is DateTime.
    Note: The default setting is Always.
  5. Define additional properties, depending on the scope of the proposition.
  6. Click Submit to create a proposition or click Submit & add new to create this proposition and continue adding more propositions.

You can view the newly added propositions on the Unversionded proposition data tab of the Proposition Management landing page.