Customizing the metadata retrieval from Twitter data sets

You can customize the type of data that is retrieved from Twitter data sets through social media connectors in Pega Platform to get specific content that is required to fulfill your business objectives. You customize that content by providing the correct connection details to the Twitter data set, retrieving the social media metadata, and mapping that metadata to Pega Platform properties.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Decisioning > Infrastructure > Social Media Metadata, and select Twitter.
  2. In the Connection section, enter the connection details to access the Twitter data set:
    • Consumer key
    • Consumer secret
    • Access token
    • Access token secret
    Note: You can obtain those parameters from the OAuth settings of your Twitter application.
  3. Retrieve the social media metadata for Twitter status and direct message information.
    1. Click the Status or Direct tab, depending on the type of metadata that you want to customize.
    2. Click Retrieve data. The default metadata types that were retrieved from the Twitter data set are displayed in the Metadata mapping section. The default types cannot be edited.
      Note: You do not have to query for specific fields from the Twitter data set because they are provided by the Twitter API.
  4. In the Metadata mapping section, add the metadata that you want to retrieve from the Twitter data set and map it to the Pega Platform properties:
    1. Click Add mapping.
    2. In the Source field column, expand the drop-down list and select the Twitter metadata type that you want to retrieve.
    3. In the Target field, map the selected Twitter metadata type to a Pega Platform property. If the property that you want to associate with the selected Twitter metadata does not exist, you must create a new property whose Applies-To class is Data-Social-Twitter.
    4. Click Save.