Access Groups & Users tab

The Access Groups & Users tab is accessed by clicking Designer Studio > Application > Structure > Access Groups And Users.

Use this tab to:

  • See the list of access groups that provide access to the current application.
  • See the list of users that belong to an access group.
  • Invite people to collaborate in developing this application.
Field Description
Invite Collaborator Click to invite people (via email) to collaborate in developing the application. For example, a Lead Business Analyst can invite other business analysts to edit and add specifications and requirements to the in-progress application. They might also invite subject matter experts to review the specifications.

Upon clicking the link, the Invite Collaborator window opens for you to specify the information needed to send email invitations to the invitees. See Invite Collaborator window — Inviting collaborators.

Access Group The name of an access group referenced by the application. Select a name to see the list of users that reference that access group, and so have that level of access into the application.
Operator Name The names of operators who reference the access group.
Operator ID The IDs of operators who reference the access group.