Specifying the database with the engine code

Pega Platform stores engine code in the database as a CodeSet. Edit the prbootstrap.properties file provided in the configuration directory of your BIX distribution to add database connection settings that specify the Pega Platform database holding the engine code.

  1. Specify the database connection settings using the naming convention: <unique-identifier>,<dbtype>.<property> where:
    • <unique-identifier> is a distinct value that together with <dbtype> identifies a specific data source.
    • <dbtype> refers to a set of common properties associated with a given database type. There are four values that may be used:
      • oracle
      • db2
      • mssql
      • derby
    • <property> is one of the key values needed to access the data source.

    For example, to connect to an Oracle database:

  2. Specify any additional properties needed to connect to the database using the connectionProperties entry and provide a semicolon-separated list of values. For example:


  • Set the system property com.pega.pegarules.bootstrap.ignorejndi to TRUE when using Pega-managed connections. This tells Pega Platform to ignore the JNDI data source information in the file and to use the Pega-managed connection settings instead.
  • This functionality is available when you purchase and install the BIX application.