Testing SQL queries

To help with developing and debugging applications, you can test SELECT statements from the Query Runner landing page. You can run queries against non-BLOB columns in your database and view the results on the landing page or export the results to an Excel spreadsheet or .pdf file. A maximum of 500 rows are returned.

  • For the PegaRULES and PegaDATA databases, you need the PegaRULES:DatabaseAdministrator role or the pxViewandSelectQuery privilege in Data- and Rule- in your access group to access the Query Runner.
  • For external databases, you need to create a new access role similar to the PegaRULES:DatabaseAdministrator role. See Accessing database administration operations on the PDN for more information.
  • For all databases, you must create a read-only user for the query to return a result.
The Query Runner is available for Pega Cloud customers who use a Postgres database or for customers using an Oracle database on-premises or in the Pega Cloud.
  1. Click Designer Studio > System > Database > Query Runner.
  2. Click the Query Entry tab.
  3. Enter the query that you want to test in the SQL query field.
  4. Click Run. The results are displayed in the Results field.
  5. Optional: Export the results to an Excel spreadsheet or .pdf file by clicking Export > Export to Excel or Export > Export to pdf.