Cluster management using the System Management application (SMA)

The System Management application (SMA) can be used to quiesce Pega Platform servers. To access it, click Designer Studio > System > Operations > System Management Application.

The SMA displays the following information for each node that is useful for high availability reference:

  • System Run State – Lists the current run state for the system, including the quiesce status.
  • Number Active Non Quiesce-Admin Requestors – The number of active users that are not administrators.

Under the Administration section, on the High Availability Management page, the following operations can be performed:

  • Click Begin Quiesce to start quiesce on a Pega Platform server.
  • Click Cancel Quiesce to cancel quiesce.
  • Click Get Active Non Quiesce Admin User Count during the Quiesce Start run state to get a count of users that are still on the Pega Platform server and have not been quiesced yet.

For upgrades to a cluster using rolling restarts, operation teams can notify the cluster that an upgrade is occurring. A flag is set for the cluster that prevents the creation of auto-generated rules. The flag can be reset when the rolling restart has completed.

  • Click Begin Cluster Upgrade to notify the cluster that a rolling restart is to commence.
  • Click Cluster Upgrade is Complete to notify the cluster that a rolling restart has completed.
  • Click Get Cluster Upgrade State to view the upgrade status.